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20th Television Animation (formerly Fox Television Animation) is an American animation studio that creates, develops and produces animated television series and specials. It is a unit of Disney Television Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Television, which is part of the Disney General Entertainment Content division of The Walt Disney Company.


20th Century Fox Television and 20th Television animation unit (1989–20)

The studio was established in 1988. Its first project was The Simpsons, followed by Little Mammoth. The studio would become the home of future animated series, such as Futurama, The Adventures of Cynthia, American Dad!Best Friends Forever, The Cleveland Show, Bob's Burgers, Sorceria and Evil Girlz, including animated series co-created by Seth MacFarlane: Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

Most animated projects from 20th Television Animation are subcontracted to third party animation production companies such as Film RomanTitmouse, Inc.Bento Box Entertainment and Rough Draft Studios, but the company maintains 20th Television Animation as an in-house option. Because the company acts as a production house for hire, it is not treated as a labeled division of 20th Century Studios like Touchstone Television or Searchlight Pictures. The studio specializes in animation pre-production and post-production, while the actual animation production is handled by studios in South Korea. 20th Television Animation's frequent contractors include Digital eMationYearim ProductionsAKOM Production, and Rough Draft Korea.

The studio maintains a location in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles Its workers are represented by The Animation Guild, I.A.T.S.E. Local 839.

Under Disney Television Studios (2020–present)

In September 2020, the animation company was renamed as 20th Television Animation starting with newer episodes of shows in production at the company. The company's new logo debuted on late episodes of first season of RandomToons: Tooning In!, which start appeared in later series, such as The Adventures of Cynthia and The Simpsons.

In December 2020, it was announced that 20th Television Animation would be relaunched as a standalone unit from 20th Television, tentatively naming Marci Proietto as president of the company. It eventually went into effect in February 2021 with the on-screen logo for the company first appearing after the credits for the season 2 premiere of RandomToons: Tooning In!, the season 7 premiere of Bitworld and the season 19 premiere of The Adventures of Cynthia. Unlike its kid-targeted sister studio Disney Television Animation, 20th Television Animation focus on producing and developing animated projects targeted at kids and adults. Under the new incarnation, 20th Television Animation would assume executive supervision of the production of all animated projects that had, up to that point, been overseen by 20th Television. This allowed series that 20th Television Animation was already producing animation for under 20th Television's watch to be brought entirely under one company, while series whose animation was produced by a third party company would retain that relationship, with 20th Television Animation only absorbing the above-the-line production and acting as the new client for the animation contractor.

Television series

Title Years Network Co-production with
The Simpsons 1989–present FOX Gracie Films
Little Mammoth 1990–1996 Fox Kids
Bobby's World 1990–1998 Film Roman

Alevy Productions

Piggsburg Pigs! 1990 The Sy Fischer Company

Ruby-Spears Enterprises

Zazzo U Film Roman
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 1990–1991 Marvel Productions
Peter Pan and the Pirates Southern Star Productions

TMS Entertainment

Little Shop 1991 Marvel Productions
Capitol Critters 1992 ABC Hanna-Barbera

Steven Bochco Productions

The RandomToons Kids 1994-1996 Fox Kids
Eek! The Cat 1992-1997 Savage Studios Ltd.


The Terrible Thunderlizards 1993-1997
Julian & Clara 1994–1997
The Tick 1994-1996 Sunbow Entertainment

Graz Entertainment

Akom Production Company

Life with Louie 1994-1998 Hyperion Animation

The Anderson/Hassan Company

Klutter! 1995
Adventures from the Book of Virtues 1996-2000 PBS KCET

PorchLight Entertainment

King of the Hill 1997–2010 FOX Deedle-Dee Productions

Judgemental Films

Film Roman

3 Arts Entertainment

RandomToons Zany Factory 1997–2007 Fox Kids (1997-2005)

Fox Zoom (2005-2007)

Family Guy 1999–present FOX Fuzzy Door Productions
Futurama 1999–2013 FOX (1999-2003)

Comedy Central (2007-2013)

The Curiosity Company
Mixed-Up Cartoons! 1999–2002 Fox Kids
Magical Legends 2000–2002 Fox Kids
Night & Day
RandomToons Chronicles 2002–2005 Fox Zoom
The Mystery Clubhouse 2002–2007 SkyRuby Studios
Mice Stories 2002–2004
Bitworld 2002–2007; 2021–present
Sorceress Girl 2002–2005 JeremyWorks Studios
Marie & Alyson 2002-2007
The Woodsons 2003–present PrimeNight Red Ball Animation
Badger and Squirrel
The Adventures of Cynthia Fox Zoom
Goldie and Red 2003–2008
Foe Paws 2004–2009 Fox Zoom
Princess Tiki Studio B Productions
American Dad! 2005–present FOX (2005-2014)

TBS (2014-present)

Underdog Productions

Fuzzy Door Productions

The Garfield and Odie Show 2005–2008 Fox Zoom Paws, Inc.
Ultimate Cartoons 2005–2016
RandomToons Playtime 2005–2013 Fox Junior
Jenny the Mouse: Twisted Tales 2006–2009 Fox Zoom
Objects: Twisted Tales 2006–2010 JeremyWorks Studios
The Tales of the Princess Fox Junior
Groovy Time 2007–2010 Fox Zoom
The Space Friends 2007–2015 Fox Junior
Hard Tough Day: The Series 2008–2011 FOX Red Ball Animation
Luann 2008–2015 Fox Zoom
Best Friends Forever 2009–2015 Fox Zoom
The Cleveland Show 2009–2013 FOX Persons Unknown Productions

Happy Jack Productions

Fuzzy Door Productions

Archer 2009–present FX (2009-2016)

FXX (2016-present)

Floyd County Productions

FX Productions

Ice Age: The Adventures of the Herd 2010–2019 Fox Zoom Blue Sky Studios
Jeannie's Spy Life 2010–2017
Bob's Burgers 2011–present FOX Wilo Productions

Buck & Millie Productions

Bento Box Animation

Blake & Katie: The Musically Adventure 2011–2016 Fox Zoom 20th Century Animation
Allen Gregory 2011 FOX JHF, J. Paul/A. Mogel/D. Goodman Productions

Chernin Entertainment

Unsupervised 2012 FX Floyd County Productions

RCG Productions

The Professional Writing Company

Post-Middle Chronicles 2012–2017 Fox Zoom
Brickleberry 2012–2015 Comedy Central Damn! Show Productions

Black Heart Productions

Napoleon Dynamite 2012 FOX Hess Films

Scully Productions

Out There 2013 IFC Quincy Productions
Sorceria 2013–present Fox Zoom
Chozen 2013 FX Floyd County Productions

Rough House Pictures

Music Kids: Keepin' Beat 2014–2016 Fox Zoom
Objects: Back at Ya! 2014–2019 Fox Zoom (2014-2017)

JWToons (2017-2019)

JeremyWorks Studios
Go City!: Adventures with Jax and Cameron 2015–2020 Netflix (2015-2019)



The Chronicles of Magic Girl Fox Zoom (2014-2017)

JWToons (2017-2019)

ClearWorld Entertainment
Rio: The Series Fox Zoom Blue Sky Studios
Bordertown 2016 FOX Hentemann Films

Fuzzy Door Productions

WorldStars 2016–present Red Ball Animation
Evil Girlz 2016–present Fox Zoom Neko Productions
Brand New RandomToons 2016–2019
Son of Zorn 2016–2017 FOX Agnew Jorné Productions and Lord Miller Productions
Teenage Agents 2017–present Fox Zoom Atomic Cartoons
Power Girls to the Action 2019–present
Bless the Harts 2019–2021 FOX Fox Entertainment

Titmouse, Inc.

Jessebean, Inc.

Lord Miller Productions

The Tales of Jackie 2019–present Disney+ RandomToons Studios
The RandomToon Gang Disney Junior
Duncanville 2020–present FOX Fox Entertainment

Universal Television

Bento Box Entertainment

Paper Kite Productions

Scullys Productions

Inkworld Fox Zoom
Solar Opposites Hulu Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions!

Bardel Entertainment

Important Science

RandomToons: Tooning In! Disney+
Central Park Apple TV+ Bento Box Entertainment

Wilo Productions

Angry Child Productions

Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Blake & Katie: The New Tales Disney+ 20th Century Animation
Young Jeannie
The Great North 2021–present FOX Fox Entertainment

Bento Box Entertainment

Double Molyneux Sister Sheux

Wilo Productions

The Adventures with Rhonda and Bethina Fox Zoom
RandomToons in the Big City Disney+
The Prince HBO Max Bento Box Entertainment

Nickelby, Inc.

Quest High Fox Zoom
Koala Man TBA Hulu Princess Bento Studios

Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions!

Little Demon FXX ShadowMachine

Jersey Films 2nd Avenue

FX Productions

Standing By Hulu ABC Signature
How to Be Black ABC

as Animation Domination High-Def

Title Years Network Co-production with
ADHD Shorts 2013-2016 FOX


Axe Cop 2013-2015
Golan the Insatiable 2013-2015 Double Hemm

Amazing Schlockand

High School USA! 2013-2015 Fragical Production
Lucas Bros. Moving Co. 2013-2015 Oh Snap
Stone Quackers 2014-2015 FXX Ben Jones Studio, Inc.
Major Lazer 2015 FXX Mad Decent
The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush 2015-2016 FXX
Neo Yokio 2017-2018 Netflix Production IG

Studio Deen

Television films and specials

Title Years Network Co-production with
Animal Park 1994 FOX
The Night of the Headless Horseman 1999 CAT Studios


Computer Animated Technologies

Jackie and Doggier: How They Met 2001 RandomToons Studios
RandomToons Spooky Stories 2004 Fox Zoom
Bitworld: Modern Era 2020 Disney+

Feature films

# Title Release date Co-production with
1 Julian & Clara: The Quest for the Little Dragon May 2, 1996 RandomToons Studios
2 Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story September 27, 2005 Fuzzy Door Productions
3 The Simpsons Movie July 27, 2007 20th Century Fox Animation

Gracie Films

4 Futurama: Bender's Big Score November 27, 2007 The Curiosity Company

Rough Draft Studios

5 Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs June 24, 2008
6 Futurama: Bender's Game May 18, 2008
7 Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder May 24, 2009 The Curiosity Company

Rough Draft Studios

8 Cynthia: The Movie October 22, 2010 20th Century Fox Animation
9 Cynthia: The Second Movie January 15, 2021 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox Animation

10 Family Guy: The Movie TBA
11 The Simpsons Movie 2 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox Animation

Gracie Films

Failed pilots and canceled shows

Show Year Creator(s) Co-production Notes
Youngblood 1995 Rob Liefeld Image Comics

Roustabout Productions

Cyberforce 1995
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos 2000 Argonaut Games

Fox Interactive

Argonaut Games

Fox Interactive

The Afterlife 2003 Lawrence Kassanoff

Joshua Wexler

Derek Guiley

Dave Schniderman

Threshold Animation Studios
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series 2004 Joss Whedon Mutant Enemy
Toro and Moro 2004 Justin Roiland FX Productions

Comic Sacrifice Productions

Relative Insanity 2007 Justin Roiland Electric Dynamite Executive produced by Jack Black
The Paloni Family Comedy Show! 2009 Justin Roiland
Birchum 2011 Adam Carolla 3 Arts Entertainment

Jackhole Productions

Bigfoot 2013 Seth Rogen

Matt McKenna

Evan Goldberg

Graham Roumieu

Floyd County Productions

Point Grey Pictures

Murder Police 2014 David A. Goodman

Jason Ruiz

Bento Box Animation

D. Goodman Productions

Cassius and Clay 2016 Adam Reed Floyd County Productions

FX Productions

The Cops 2018 Louis C.K.

Albert Brooks

Studio T

FX Productions

Starburns Industries

Deadpool 2018 Donald Glover

Stephen Glover

Fabian Nicieza

Rob Liefeld

Marvel Animation

Marvel Television

FX Productions

ABC Signature Studios

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